Sunday, April 17, 2016


Jill Richmond Johnson, Publicist (1992-1997)

In 1995, Bar/None released The Devil Lied To Me, the posthumous solo album of Country Dick Montana, drummer (and flamboyant personality) of the Beat Farmers.  The Beat Farmers had been a part of the Bar/None family before Country Dick died.  I have a great memory of a Halloween night hanging out with Country Dick at the Halloween parade on 6th Avenue in the West Village.  Dick had fun for a bit, but then wanted to go out drinking. We went to Coyote Ugly in the East Village.  I left around midnight, leaving Country Dick to his throng of new lady friends.  The next day I had an interview set up with the band at High Times Magazine.  Of course it took place at 4:20 pm.  That night, the Beat Farmers had a show at Tramps. Dick fell down while singing, got up, pointed a finger at Steve Bloom, the editor of High Times, and yelled "It's your fault!"  Well,  4:20 must have lasted until 5:20!  

When Dick died, Bar/None threw a party to celebrate his life.  I had a budget of $100 for this party.  Impossible! Susan Darnell (the other publicist at Bar/None) and I went to a grocery store and bought beans, hamburger meat, buns, and pickles.  Then I asked a brewery in Hoboken to donate a keg of beer for the cause.  Didn't get that, but got

a discount.  I  had met a kid somewhere (at a club?)  who lived in the East Village  who agreed to let us use his backyard for a party. People came from all over the country!  Mojo Nixon played, and the other Beat Farmers came and played.  Big-shot journalists (including Geraldo Rivera) - true fans - were there too. All the musicians played and it was a beautiful tribute - and all on a hundred dollars!  I felt sort of bad for the kid who let us use his yard for the party though; we helped him clean up, but over 100 people had come and, well, it was kind of trashed.

Country Dick Montana -

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