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Eros And The Eschaton - Home Address For Civil War (August 13, 2013)

Eros and the Eschaton began as the experimental two-piece recording project of Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins in 2012. Perdoni and Hawkins spent that year developing their unique sound in the master-bedroom-turned-studio of a swampy North Carolina rental, set against an outlaw countryscape of kudzu, atrocious spiders, wild mammals, and copperhead snakes.  They self-released two singles and toured whenever family life allowed before catching the ears of Bar/None through a session with the Omaha-based video collective, Love Drunk.   Eros And The Eschaton's debut album Home Address For Civil War was hailed by Prefix Mag as, "Frothing with noisy guitar swirls and subtle electronics. Their debut album is an amniotic ocean as waves of amorphous melodies sweep you in an undertow. Hyperactive chords roll into Hawkins and Perdoni's soaring timbres, before bursting off into a precipice that doesn't end with a bang but an unexpected but welcomed whimper."

Weight of Matter, the band’s second full-length, will be released by Bar/None on August 19.   It's a Neil-Young & Crazy Horse guitar-inspired album, dialing in tones akin to The Walkmen while maintaining the airy psychedelia of Civil War. Whereas Perdoni and Hawkins took turns to provide drums, keys, guitars and other instrumentation on the band's first record, they were joined in their home studio while recording Weight of Matter by band members Alex Koshak (drums), Mitch Macura (keys) and Ryan Spradlin (bass), continuing an exploration of sonic landscapes while creating space for each individual member’s contribution.

Consequence of Sound will premiere the album's first single "Rxx" on Tuesday, June 14.
“Rxx” calls to mind dozens of missed moments in rock and roll history set against a backdrop of pop hooks and mayhem, while “Bop Shoo Bop” pays homage to legendary Tropicalia ensemble Os Mutantes. Repose and the cosmos dance en pointe throughout the track list, providing a contemplative backdrop of light harmony and keen melodies to a sometimes brusque outlook. The group borrows popular country standard “Cry,” adding a Casio backbeat and shoe gaze-y twist, then treads the waters of thematic love and loss on the heartbreakingly emotive title track.

Kate Perdoni: I met Mike Mogis in LA in 2002.  He had been involved with Lullabye for the Working Class and later the Mayday record on Bar/None, and he told me to check it all out. I sent demos to Bar/None at the same time as places like Orange Twin and Jagjaguwar when I was a teenager. I just thought they had that indie rock ideal.

That turned out to be true. They are wonderful to work with.
Adam and the toy drum kit in E&E's Love Drunk video
We were signed as a two-piece who had recorded our album as we wrote it in one of the bedrooms of a house we rented in North Carolina. We’d sort of landed there at the end of a tour, and wanted to start working on a record. Some friends from Omaha were coming though town on a tour for their one-take live music video series, Love Drunk, and asked if they could film us playing a song. We hadn’t played a show at that point, so we hadn’t arranged any of the songs. I remember playing the song, "You Know I Do," over and over in preparation for their visit. The video crew stayed with us for a few days. We shot our video in an abandoned barn in the backyard of the house we were renting. Adam played our son’s little drum kit and I played three keyboards. Bar/None contacted us out of the blue after the video was released and asked us what we were up to. Our sixth show ever was arranged by Bar/None's Mark Lipsitz in New York at Shea Stadium, with DRGN King. We hung out and got to know each other."

Eros And The Eschaton - Home Address For Civil War on Bar/None.com

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