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THE MOSQUITOS - Self/titled (August 12, 2003)
THE MOSQUITOS - Sunshine Barrio (October 5, 2004)
THE MOSQUITOS  Mosquitos III (September 19, 2006)

The Mosquitos' mix of Brazilian bossa nova and indie pop found a champion in Rolling Stone's David Fricke, who wrote of the band's self-titled debut, "Just in time for summer's end: the endless summer and tender Braziliana of this New York trio's debut, a sweet hybrid of bossa nova hypnosis and indie-pop restraint."   The band seemed an unlikely trio:  Rio De Janeiro native Juju Stulbach, singer-guitarist Chris Root, and keyboard player/studio whiz Jon Marshall Smith teamed up to create warm, breezy music; to quote a line from one of the trio's most popular songs, they were so far out they fit right in.  Chris and Jon had been professional musicians both on stage and in the studio for years when they met actress/dancer Juju, and talked her into moving to New York and becoming a singer.  The band's history makes for quite the love story, as we learned when we caught up with singer/guitarist Chris Root.

Q: Chris, the story of the Mosquitos is like something from a movie.  You met Juju, you fell in love, you started the band... can you tell us how you remember it?

Yes, it was love at first sight for me. There are so many magical details. A marriage proposal, an expired visa , a bubble wrap dress,being held hostage by Brazilian police, the beach in Rio, Bar None Records... during the recording of our first album, Juju finally come around and fell in love. It was a beautiful time. 

Q:  The early 2000's was an odd time for a bossa nova pop band from NYC to have a hit, but your track "Boombox" became one of those ubiquitous songs you'd hear everywhere.  What do you feel was its unique appeal?

Chris: "Boombox almost wasn't on the record. I was struggling with it because it didn't seem to be a complete song. Jon and Juju convinced me to put it on. I think the appeal of "Boombox" for me was the naivete and spontaneous way it came about. I also love Juju's vocal and the fuzzy bass line. Our creativity together was just beginning. 

Q: Can you bring us up to date on what you, Jon, and Juju are doing today?
Chris: A few years back, the TV show "Fraggle Rock" asked the Mosquitos to cover a song 
from the show for a 30 year anniversary record, which you can hear here.   We had so 
much fun doing it that we kept on going and now Mosquitos have a new record 
coming out in the spring/summer on 6 Degrees Records. We hear its a new world out there, 
so if anyone has any advice on releasing a record in 2017, we are happy to listen. This is
the first Mosquitos record to use a producer, Michael Leonhart.   Michael is an inspiring 
person. We worked well together, He did a wonderful job.




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