Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As we reminisce on the past 30 years, we’ve been scouring the archives and digging up all kinds of ephemera. Below is a small collection of demo submissions we’ve received over the years—artists that didn’t find a home here for one reason or another. Some of these artists called it quits and others rock on. We’re hoping you can provide us with a bit more info on these acts, maybe let us know what they’re up to today. If you are the first to name one of the artists pictured below, we’ll send you a FREE Bar/None catalog vinyl record of YOUR choice, so take a stab at it! Email your findings to BARNONE30TH@GMAIL.COM.

 1.) No consensus on where they should be looking, but maybe you've got one on their name?

2.) How could you forget bodies like these?


3.) She's smiling like you're never going to guess her name.

4.) Might have been your friendly neighbor?

5.)If you weren't gambling on Jenga with this group, then what were you doing? 

Email your findings to barnone30th@gmail.com and if you are the FIRST to give a correct answer, we will send you a FREE Bar/None catalog vinyl record of choice!

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